Anogia - Zoniana - Axos

Duration: 5 Hours

Anogia is built at an altitude of 750 meters at the height of Armor's Armies. There are old churches that you can visit, you can also wander through the narrow streets of the village with the traditional houses, in the central square of the village with the traditional cafes and the locals with its own local lavender, many of whom still wear the traditional Cretan costume.

The residents are mainly engaged in livestock farming and you can taste traditional Cretan products.

Anogia is the home of the great artist Nikos Xylouris.

Zoniana is built at an altitude of 640 meters at the foot of Mount Psiloritis.

Here we find the cave of Sfendoni one of the five most important caves in Greece. It has a variety of styles of stalagmites and stalactites that are quite large in size.

In Zoniana, we also find the Wax Museum, which includes 87 wax-like figures, of natural size, concerning the history of Crete.

They depict large Cretan personalities placed in according to the seasonally decorated spaces in an area of 1000 sqm.

Axos is built at an altitude of 500 meters on the north side of the high heel above the valley that forms the Taliban Mountains with Psiloritis.

Axos has a rich history and has been inhabited since ancient times. Its name dates from the time of Herodotus. Here we find important monuments that have been excavated and several Byzantine churches.

It is believed that it was originally inhabited in 1450 by the ancient Arcadians.

In Axos we will meet the Wood Sculpture Museum. A space of 300 sqm full of wood carvings depicting folklore, natural, religious figures and more. Most are of natural size.

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