Gortys - Faistos - Matala

Duration: 7 hours

We start off in the morning heading to the archeological site of Gortyna which is located 45 km away on the southern of Heraklion.

The ancient city of Gortyna covers an area of 4000 acres. It consists of an Acropolis and Necropolises. It was inhabited during the Neolithic period and findings traced back to the classical period were found in the temple where today is the Conservatory. The inscription on the northern circular wall is preserved and considered to be the most significant historical monument in the area.

During Hellenistic years Gortyna was the one of the largest towns in Crete. In the 3rd century, it was conquered by Romans and become the capital of the Roman Province of Crete.
The area was abandoned after the Arabian conquest.

Next , we will get to the archeological site of Faistos.
Faistos was a Minoan city, 55 km north of Heraklion. It was the second biggest palace following Knossos. It was initially inhabited in 6000 B.C. but it bloomed at the same time as Knossos.

In 1700 B.C. the palace was completely destroyed by an earthquake, Faistos was in decline but it remained the religious center of southern Crete.

Near 1450 B.C. after another destruction, the palace was rebuilt, it had its own currency and flourished until the first century B.C. when it was destroyed by Gortyna during the Roman times.

Finally, we are going to visit Matala. Matala is a small , fishing village with the most popular beach of southern Crete. On the beach of Matala traces from the ancient times have been discovered but the village became more popular in 1960 and 1970 due to its hippie residents in its caves.

Rate per hour:
  • 35,00 € (taxi 1-4 seats)
  • 60,00 € (mini van 1-8 seats)
Entrance fees and tour guide are not included in the price.
Tour guide is provided upon request.
All tours are flexible on your needs.

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