Krasi-Panagia Kera- Lasithi plateau - Psychro cave

Duration: 8 hours

Krasi is located on the foot of Mount Selena at an altitude of 600 m.

The village is known for a huge plane tree, almost 1000 years old , that is located next to the village’s large water fountain (Megali vrisi). The plane tree has got a perimeter of 22 meters.

In the book of Nikos Kazantzakis “Kapetan Michalis” there are many scenes which were set in Krasi , while the author and other intellectuals used to spend their summer vacations there. For this reason, “The House of Literature” was created in the village in 1975.

The Kera Kardiotissa Monastery is located approximately 50 km east of Heraklion , near the village of Kera. It is considered to have been built in the Byzantine years (961-1211 AD). It is dedicated to the birth of Virgin Mary and it celebrates on 8th of September

It was originally built as an arch-covered single space structure and was later expanded with two narthexes dedicated to Saint Anna and Saint Antonio.

The paintings on the walls are definitely worth-seeing, as they are some of the oldest still preserved.

Lasithi plateau lies at approximately 70 km east from Heraklion and it’s a plain , flat land among mountains. It is famous for its windmills which were used for drawing groundwater since they used for watering the their cultivation. In the decades of 1950 and 1960 it had almost 13.000 windmills.

Around the plateau, there are 18 villages built on the foothills of the mountain and they are connected with a circular road 23 km long.

Dictaean Cave is at an altitude of 1052 m , near the village “Psychro” in the plateau. It is accessible by two paths but it takes 15 of walking to reach it.

It is divided in many parts that have stalactites and stalagmites ,most of them in huge sizes

Many archeological findings have been discovered in the cave and are now displayed at the archeological museum of Heraklion. It was used as a house of worship for many gods and the sacrificial altar is saved.

According to mythology , Rhea secretly gave birth to Zeus in the cave with the aim of keeping him safe from his father, Saturn. She left him there to be brought up by a goat, Amalthea and a nymph , Melissa.

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