Kritsa - Agios Nikolaos - Elouda - Plaka - Spinalogka

Duration: 8 hours

Close to Agios Nikolaos lies a picturesque village , inhabited by ancestors of Lato , the ruins of which are located approximately 3 km northeast of the small town of Kritsa. The area peaked during Byzantium but it was first inhabited after the Minoan times. In 823 it was destroyed by Arabs and inhabited again in 961, it bloomed during the rule of Franks and it was the largest village of Crete in the Middle Ages. Today only the market , the prytaneum and the sanctuary of the ancient city have been dug.

Agios Nikolaos is the capital of the regional unit of Lasithi with an estimated population of 20.000 inhabitants. It is built on the west side of the large Mirabello Bay and it is very picturesque.

The Minoan city of Lato pros Kamara was built on this location. Later ,during Byzantium , the city was known as Episcopacy of Kamara but it was not very developed. Due to the fact that the venetian interest in the area was limited, Agios Nikolaos was not fortified contrary to other Cretan towns.

Today, the trademark of Agios Nikolaos is the picturesque lake of Voulismeni , a small lagoon in the city center used to park boats. Another important sight of Agios Nikolaos is its marine which was the first marine in Crete. The town has a pedestrian area with many cafes and traditional taverns around the lake.

Elounda is located northern of Agios Nikolaos on the beautiful bay of Mirabello. It is the perfect destination for family vacation. It has magical, small beaches and the peninsula of Kolokytha , where visitors can wander around and get to the island of Spinalonga.

The coast road is very developed , full of cafes and taverns where visitors can enjoy the view of the beautiful Mirabello Bay.

Plaka is located 16 km north of Agios Nikolaos following Elounda.

It offers a gorgeous view to the island of Spinalonga and boats to the island depart from there.

It has two picturesque beaches with pebbles and crystal waters ,many fish taverns and traditional houses.

The island of Spinalonga is a small island located at the entrance of Elounda lagoon and north of the Gulf of Mirabello. It covers an area of 85 acres.

The fortified by Venetians island has a long history due to its location.

It became widely known as a leper colony which operated there (1904-1957). In the beginning it was a place for the exiled and isolated lepers which evolved into a settlement.

Visitors can get to the island by boat from Elounda or Plaka.

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