Samaria Gorge

Duration: 12 hours

The gorge of Samaria is located in the regional unit of Chania and it is a part of the Ε4 European long distance path. It is almost 15 km long, between Omalo and Agia Roumeli.

The starting altitude is 1,250 m at Xyloskalo on the plateau of Omalos.

In 1962 it was named the National Park of Greece and it is the main home of the Cretan goat (kri-kri).

The most famous part of the gorge is the stretch known as the Gates, which is the narrowest and highest part of the gorge with a a width of only four meters and a height of almost 500 meters. Also popular is the village of Samaria which lies inside the gorge but is now abandoned.

In the path there are many fountainheads with drinking water and also toilets.

It takes 7 hours to complete the path.

At the exit , there is the old Agia Roumeli and if you walk 1,5 km farther , you will find today’s settlement of Agia Roumeli , with crystal clear waters, from where you will return by boat.

Rate per hour:
  • 35,00 € (taxi 1-4 seats)
  • 60,00 € (mini van 1-8 seats)
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